Christ our King was born on a cold Christmas Day. Twelve days later, January 6th, three kings bearing gifts visited him. Every year following, in honor of these three kings, cakes were created and eaten. Over many years it evolved into what we know today as Mardi Gras King Cakes. A round cake with three braids symbolizes the three kings on there circle trip to avoid detection. Inside each of the delicious cakes is a plastic baby. The baby represents Christ and the person who bites into the baby is supposed to have a wonderful year. That particular person is also deemed King for the day and as an honor to his followers, he must reward them with the next King Cake party!

But, what are King Cakes? Well, they are primarily made from a sweet cinnamon yeast dough that is braided to form oval cakes. The original King Cakes were plain, but there is nothing about New Orleans Mardi Gras that is plain, so we jazzed our cakes up a little and threw some yellow, green and purple sugar on top and stuffed it with all kinds of gooey sweet stuff! We wanted people to feel like a king. At you can order your King Cakes plain or you can order them with a variety of fillings such as strawberry cream cheese, raspberry cream cheese, apple, cream cheese or praline pecan.

Let me guess, you need to send one to your friends back home in Nebraska to show them what they are missing out on. No problem! Just log onto and order right on line. There are also a variety of shipping methods. We even ship King Cakes overnight to anywhere in the continental United Sates! So, go on-line now and order a few cakes for yourself and your friends back home. Unfortunately, Mardi Gras can only be found in good old New Orleans! Good thing we can ship a little of that cheer!

Iced New Orleans King Cake Package

New Orleans Iced King Cake Package

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