King Cake

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Ever had a real New Orleans Mardi Gras King Cake? Don’t you just love that sweet cinnamon cake and those scrumptious fillings. Which is your favorite? Is it a Praline Pecan King Cake or a Raspberry cream cheese King Cake? Can’t you just taste that savory strawberry cream cheese oozing out from the inside of the cake? Or do you prefer a plain King Cake? Whatever your craving is, can treat you like a king! Imagine those beautiful green, gold and purple sugar crystals sparkling delicately atop the creamy white icing as you sink your teeth into that delicious … baby! That’s right! A baby! Every succulent cake comes with a plastic baby to be hidden in its sweet cinnamon dough. Remember, whoever gets that chubby little baby is King for the day and has to honor his followers with the next Mardi Gras King Cake Party!

Order your next one from We have the finest time-honored King Cake recipe anywhere in New Orleans. Because we have the best recipe in New Orleans and the internet has become so accessible, the demand for our traditional delicacy grows by leaps and bounds every year. People all over the world rave about New Orleans Mardi Gras traditions and now the king of King Cakes,, can deliver a piece of that cheer right to someone’s door no matter where they live in the continental US. We have easy on-line ordering and even ship overnight for those who can’t wait for their delicious cake!

Check out our website today to make sure you have it for Mardi Gras. So, if you love King Cakes so much, why not spread the luxury and send one to a family member or friend who couldn’t be here for Mardi Gras. Everyone needs to feel like a king one time or another!

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