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One of the best New Orleans traditions is the tradition of King Cakes. Some people like the plain King Cakes while others enjoy the savory filled King Cakes. All of them are covered in a sweet white icing with sparkly sugar crystals in the prettiest Mardi Gras colors. The original King Cakes weren’t filled or colored with anything. They were just plain cakes eaten to honor the three kings that visited Christ on the twelfth night. Here in New Orleans, we have to jazz things up a bit, so we took those normal King Cakes, braided them filled them with all sorts of flavors, coved them with icing and colors and serve them from the 6th of January (the 12th night) all the way up to Ash Wednesday when the Lent Fasting begins. Mardi Gras means Fat Tuesday in French. This means that Mardi Gras is the last day for you to fatten up before Lent begins, so why not use this excuse to have your King Cakes filled with the finest fillings in town.

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The carnival season doesn’t last very long, so get in on the next King Cake party while it’s hot!

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